A downloadable game for macOS

Another game made for a class at uni under the theme "Mini Game".

This is a two player game.

*Requires a PS4 Controller*


-Left and Right joysticks

(Left joystick for player on the left side and Right joystick for the player on the right side.)

-Can also be played with WASD (Left Player) & Arrow Keys (Right Player), but does not feel as smooth as playing with the controller.

-Press the space bar to begin the game.

-"R" to restart the game.


-Music is "The Birdwatcher" by Vulfpeck.

-Projectiles have a life counter for their self-destroying code. Even before the game begins, the timer will start. If the player does not press the space bar for a prolonged period of time, when the game begins, the projectiles will not spawn. Just restart the game and press the space bar to begin the game shortly after.

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Published98 days ago
AuthorAdrian Randy Satrianugraha
Tags2D, 3D, brightcolours, Bullet Hell, Casual, free, minigames, Minimalist, prototype, weird
Player countSingleplayer


MajorLeagueDodgecube.app.zip (18 MB)

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