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The final game submission for one of the classes at uni, under the theme "Sequel". This particular theme was interesting, because it pushes us to re-visit/re-iterate previous game-a-week games we've made in the past 12 weeks. I chose to visit, in my opinion, my most interesting work so far at the time to re-iterate, which is Taking a Break at Lightspeed.

Collect power charges! Hold them as you move to gain points or deposit them in the nearby power deposits to gain more speed!


-Left and right mouse buttons to move left and right.

-Hold both mouse buttons to move up.

-Let go of mouse buttons to move down.

Alternative Controls:

-"Comma" and "Period" keyboard keys to move left and right respectively.

-Hold both keys to move up.

-Let go of them to move down.


-Music: "It's Our Rules Now" by Makeup and Vanity Set

[Such a great song]

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Published44 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
AuthorAdrian Randy Satrianugraha
Tags2D, 3D, Arcade, Dark, electronic, free, Neon, Remake, Retro, synthwave
Player countSingleplayer


[SEQUEL] (Mac) (29 MB)
[SEQUEL] (Windows) (26 MB)

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