A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The final game submission for one of the classes at uni, under the theme "Sequel". This particular theme was interesting, because it pushes us to re-visit/re-iterate previous game-a-week games we've made in the past 12 weeks. I chose to visit, in my opinion, my most interesting work so far at the time to re-iterate, which is Taking a Break at Lightspeed.

Collect power charges! Hold them as you move to gain points or deposit them in the nearby power deposits to gain more speed!


-Left and right mouse buttons to move left and right.

-Hold both mouse buttons to move up.

-Let go of mouse buttons to move down.

Alternative Controls:

-"Comma" and "Period" keyboard keys to move left and right respectively.

-Hold both keys to move up.

-Let go of them to move down.


-Music: "It's Our Rules Now" by Makeup and Vanity Set

[Such a great song]


[SEQUEL] (Mac) 29 MB
[SEQUEL] (Windows) 26 MB

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